Appforma for Merchants

Appforma is an award-winning marketing platform for small businesses. With Appforma, you can get agency-quality marketing at a small-business price: New customers, increased loyalty and more sales
About Appforma:
Appforma creates for your business a customized and ready-to-launch, 12-month marketing program composed of 50 campaigns and activities. Our platform will automatically plan, create, execute and optimize for you your entire marketing operations - email campaigns, social media posts, promotions, advertising, landing pages, newsletters, loyalty program, reports and all content and graphics. And everything that is pre-setup, including the content and graphic design, is specifically designed to your type of business, whether you are coffee shop, car dealership, spa or any other of the 30 SMB segments our platform covers.
About Appforma’s mobile app for merchants:
Appforma’s mobile app for merchants will enable you to grow your business faster and easier. Here are its major benefits:
1.	Easy - Track sales easily from your (or any of your employees) mobile phone.
2.	See results - All sales you track will be logged to your Appforma analytics page so you can now see the results and track the actual sales Appforma generates for you.
3.	Loyalty – Each time you scan a coupon with the app, the customer will received an email, thanking him for buying at your business.
4.	Get social, get viral & grow faster than ever – The thank you email your customers get will also offer them to share this great promotion with their friends on the social networks. This will transform each of your customers to an ambassador of your business and allow you to grow and reach new customers through the cheapest and most effective channel - a recommendation by a friend is the most reliable input consumers rely on.
To learn more about Appforma for your business, you can check us out at or contact us at

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