**Beginner Tennis lessons made easy**

Take a beginner tennis lesson with you anywhere!

With iTennisPro, players of all ages can quickly learn the basics of tennis: rallying, serving and keeping score.

We use a method of teaching endorsed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) called progressive tennis. Progressive tennis is gaining in popularity because it's the fastest, easiest way for beginners to learn the game from the first lesson. Players start with a smaller court and slower ball so tennis is enjoyable! 

Using high quality VIDEO instruction, we show you the most modern teaching techniques for beginners, step-by-step. iTennisPro will teach you how to: start a point by serving; maintain a rally; use a volley at the net; and learn how to keep score.

You'll be learning from Neil Parker, a highly certified tennis professional with over 20 years of coaching experience. Neil trains hundreds of coaches to use progressive tennis in their lessons. He also produces a range of multimedia, from the world's first interactive video lesson to the internationally acclaimed DVD, "Half court progressive tennis." Neil operates the site and has authored coaching articles in MatchPoint magazine.   

Pick a partner and learn together!


*** progressive tennis video instruction not found anywhere on the web, only at iTennisPro!
  *** 11 videos detailing the most common situations occurring in tennis
*** Video drills showing in detail how to practice each technique
*** 15 minutes of high quality video instruction
*** detailed video description on how to keep score
*** description of proper tennis etiquette


-The Grips

How to rally using groundstrokes with:
-The impact point
-Hitting Zone using the wrist

How to Volley with:
-A catching feeling

How to start the point using a Serve with:
-The impact point
-Throwing feeling

How to keep score

"Progressive tennis is becoming the standard way for new players to learn the game internationally and iTennisPro works well with the ITF's Play and Stay initiative. Having these lessons on a mobile device is great way to motivate new tennis fans to step on the court and experience the game successfully, which is a must to stay in the game"

Louis Cayer
LTA performance manager, Doubles' leader and Fed Cup Coach

"Everything is exceptionally well demonstrated and the video and sound quality are superb. A player can learn more by watching these simple and clear video clips than reading an entire book on technique and scoring. Any beginner can see everything necessary to play the game very quickly.  This is the perfect use of a video app."

Kirk Anderson
United States Tennis Association Director, Recreational Coaches and Programs

"The new iPhone/iPod Touch application for learning tennis with Neil Parker is a user-friendly, practical and portable set of video lessons. These lessons fit well with the ITF's "Play and Stay" initiative of learning tennis with modified balls and court sizes to help players be successful quicker. How often can starter players take a top coach with them onto the court? This app will help people play faster and easier."

Wayne Elderton
Head of Coaching Development & Certification for British Columbia

"Anyone that wants to learn how to play tennis can benefit tremendously from the lessons offered on iTennisPro."

Yves Boulais
KidZone Tennis

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